Using the Signature Quick Detail couldn't be any simpler, just follow these steps and have your ride spot-free and most importantly streak-free. 

1) This product is meant to be a quick detail and not a replacement for a full wash, be sure that your vehicle does not have heavy road grime and contaminant build up 

2) Spray desired amount of product on surface of choice, Quick Detail can be used on paint, windows, wrap, wheels, interior plastics, and more. 

3) Using a clean microfiber towel wipe away in a singular motion 

4) Flip towel and buff away for a streak free finish leaving no residue behind

For use as a drying aid 

1) After a wash, spray a fine mist of Quick Detail onto your paint 

2) Using a clean microfiber towel dry the vehicle completely 

3) Enjoy a clean and spotless ride