Using the Signature Shampoo is very easy, just follow these simple steps and you'll have a squeaky clean vehicle in no time. 

For use with a Foam Cannon and Bucket 

1) Ensure that you are out of blaring sunlight and the vehicle is cool to the touch 

2) Rinse down vehicle to get rid all the heavy road grime and dirt that could be built up since your last wash

3) Add 2-3 Oz of Shampoo to a foam cannon or wash bucket and the rest with water

4) Foam your vehicle down and let the foam sit for a few minutes, this will allow the soap to loosen all the contaminants and lift them and move them off the car as the soap falls. 

**for a complete touch-less wash skip the next step and rinse off and dry using a microfiber towel**

5) Prepare 2 buckets one with soap and one with clean water, if you have left over soap empty that canister in the wash bucket and use that to finish washing the car

6) Using only a clean microfiber wash mitt, start at the top half of the vehicle and work your way around to the bottom half. 

7) Rinse the vehicle completely and you're almost done

8) Dry the vehicle with a clean and dry microfiber towel. Enzo Quick Detail works great as a drying aid to help you dry quickly and spot free. 

9) Enjoy your freshly clean ride!